Data Manager and Loading Files

Manager also gives you the ability to load file data into the Manager. A good use case for this is loading configuration data out of different configuration files.

Getting Started

  1. use LoadsFilesTrait
  2. Use $manager->loadFiles($files) to load a group of files.

The $files argument can be a FileBag object or an array of: 1. \SplFileInfo objects 2. Valid paths (__DIR__.'/some/path/here.json')

For more powerful uses (like loading entire directories or advanced filesystem searches), you may also us Symfony's Finder Component.

$finder = new Finder();


Each file is decoded via an instance of a DecoderInterface. There are three included: 1. PhpDecoder which decodes any *.php file that return [] 2. JsonDecoer will load any valid *.json file

There is also a standard YamlDecoder, but you must include symfony/yaml via composer.

You may create a decoder for anything you like. Simply implement the DecoderInterface and $manager->addDecoder($decoder)

For an example custom decoder, have a look at the \CustomXmlDecoder class in the /Decoders directory.

Once you've created your custom decoder, you can add it with the $manager->addDecoder() method before loading any file data.


The data will be added to manager under the filename. So, if you load config.json you could $manager->get('config.item'); It is possible to set a custom namespace for each file:

  __DIR__.'/path/to/filename.json', // auto namespaces under filename
  [new \SplFileInfo('path/to/file.yaml'), 'namespace'], // will namespace like ->get('namespace.item')
  [__DIR__.'/path/to/file.php, 'another'] // will namespace like ->get('another.item')

This works well to turn Manager into a Config Bank. You may also use the ManagesItemsTrait default data. See Michaels\Manager\ConfigManager for examples.